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Want to know more about EMS UIT, Body Sculpting?

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Why Book A Consultation?

Dedicated Time

Our team are busy helping clients. We also ask that you book a consultation so that a trained professional can discuss and answer all your questions in a timely manner

Create Treatment Plan

Your consultant will be able to advice how long and which treatments are suitable for you. Then you will be able to book if you want to and start your treatment ASAP

Cost Effective

We charge a small fee for the consultants time however this is taken from your treatment cost. See link below to book now!

What We Do?

Why Pay For A Consultation?

Since our consultants are quite active, it takes time for clients to share their needs before we can validate them as well as have a complete conversation concerning them.

How Much Does It Cost

Your appointment is only ₤15 and also will certainly be subtracted from your therapy session once you've arranged and completed it. Book your dedicated time now!
Why Try EMS ProToning ?
How Long Does It Take?

The Consultation will take ten to twenty mins.

Can I Choose Times?

Yes, we accommodate your schedule; if it's easier for you, we'll contact you on the evenings or weekends.

Can I Book Right Away?

Yes, we ask for three or 4 dates that might work for you, If you are not able to take a trip, we can also do specific treatments at your home.